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Gateways send your data to the cloud in real-time and can connect to the internet via ethernet or cellular connection. Each gateway is equipped with memory storage to ensure that you’re never missing data.

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Nodes connect with bridges to collect and transmit data wirelessly to the gateway. Each node is equipped with internal sensors and battery power source.

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Bridges integrate 3rd party sensors, equipment and building systems with the HiViz interface. A wide range of protocols are supported to bring your buildings online.

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Real-Time Analytics & Alerts

Analytics functions are applied in real-time to sensor data received in the cloud. The resulting real-time analytics measures can be used to trigger alerts in real-time. Dashboards can be customized to display real-time data, analytics and alerts.

Remote Configuration

The cloud platform enables users to establish and modify configuration settings for on-site hardware. The cloud pushes the configuration settings to the wireless nodes and bridges to effect customization at the outermost edge of the sensor network. Required time on-site to configure a wireless sensor network is drastically reduced.

Team & Portfolio View

The cloud platform provides a User Management tool that allows customers to define who has access to the different dashboards and installations in their organisation. Customers can also invite Users and create Teams, wherein each Team can have a unique set of Users, Permissions (e.g., View Only or Modify/Delete) and Notifications.

Stream Analytics Engine

The cloud platform performs real-time stream processing of sensor data. Sensor data streams can be combined in real-time to produce sums, differences, etc. or processed in real-time to generate virtual meter streams or equivalent reporting metrics. Each of the custom streams of analytics can be visualized in a customized dashboard.

Real-Time Data Exports

The cloud platform ingests data and forwards the ingested data in real-time to third-party servers as needed. The real-time data exporting can be customised to meet a customer’s particular sensor application needs.


Hirotec’s wireless sensor partner Senseware has announced new developments for our HiroLytics Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring solution. As a result of these latest IAQ sensors being able to monitor very low levels of particulate matter, Senseware have released a Ventilation Performance Index (VPI).


The Senseware Ventilation Score is calculated based on continuous measurements of the following contaminants: CO2, TVOC and number of particles of size 0.3 to 2.5µm.


Additionally, Senseware have released a real-time alert when an areas conditions are conducive to mould growth.


Can Senseware alert you to mold growth? Yes!

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