Building Advisory & Performance Optimisation Service


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In today’s rapidly evolving world, where the need for resource utilisation, energy efficiency, and sustainability is paramount, Hirotec’s Building Advisory Service is a beacon of expertise and innovation. We build on our core competencies to drive building optimisation by utilising cutting edge-technologies and focussing on multiple facets of building management.

By addressing facility performance, compliance, occupant comfort and safety, and financial returns for building owners, Hirotec paves the way for a more sustainable and profitable future.

The Building Advisory Service Blueprint

At the heart of Hirotec’s building optimisation methodology is a meticulous blueprint designed to address three phases that serve as a roadmap for identifying short and long-term challenges and opportunities. This enables the pursuit of quick wins to address pains and gains where possible.


Flexibility is integrated within the process to allow tailored timeframes for each client’s unique requirements. Our services work for our clients because we are willing to adapt to meet your needs.

By seamlessly integrating a variety of maintenance strategies, ranging from preventative maintenance tasks and predictive maintenance planning to breakdown procedures and corrective measures, we strive to maximise the lifecycle of assets while minimising costs and downtime.

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Integrated Advisory

A pivotal tool in this endeavour is HyroLytics, our Intelligent Maintenance platform that serves as the motherboard for data collection, measuring, and analysis to determine appropriate maintenance strategies. The relevant solution could be as specific as monitoring the particular function of a specific asset or collecting data across a variety of facilities or assets. HiroLytics can identify savings areas, as well as where investment is required, payback periods, and the steps necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.

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BMS Optimisation

Strong technical knowledge and business processes are the foundation blocks of Hirotec’s building optimisation process and the HiroLytics technology framework. Its ability to identify areas ripe for cost savings and investment sets it apart by transforming raw data into actionable insights that make informed and strategic decisions.

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Hirotec’s history is rich with utilising technology and a well-trained team to drive compliance, whether it’s related to fire safety, pool fencing, pest control, retaining walls, or the national construction code in general. Hirotec’s HiViz reporting framework simplifies compliance and comes from years of industry understanding and IP.


In addition to carrying out ad hoc or regular property inspections to ensure building regulations are met, the Hirotec Technical Services team takes a proactive approach to adhere to Australian standards, while promoting accountability and transparency.

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Harnessing Decades of Experience

A vital dimension of Hirotec’s building advisory services is our mastery of Facility and Project Services, an area managed by experienced personnel with the support of a dedicated and local customer service team. With nearly half a century of knowledge of Maintenance, Engineering, and Facilities (MEF) services, our expertise is a guiding light in navigating building optimisation.

Why Use Hirotec for Advisory Services

Whether you are looking for building advice or design advice, the Hirotec team offers a wide range of services.


Whether you want regular inspections or one for a specific purpose, Hirotec inspections focus on the key elements during construction or for maintenance purposes.


Our targeted and regular inspections during the construction phase will check to ensure that Australian standards for building regulations, materials, and workmanship are met. We can assign inspections based on a client’s individual requirements.


Administration & Management

Our team can handle a variety of obligations for our clients to avoid unnecessary claims for cost and time. Our services help increase asset lifecycle and reduce operating costs.


The HiViz platform brings all data together to build the foundation of decision making to deliver results and compliance while allowing for project tracking and planning.


Our Intelligent Maintenance platform, HiroLytics, captures and displays data in real time. You can connect from anywhere and capture or access data in the cloud, ensuring you don’t lose data. You can also create different teams and assign users and permissions to individual users to ensure everyone can access the information they need to do their job properly.



– Paul Sicari, COO

Elevating Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything Hirotec does. Our Customer Service Team plays a pivotal role in our success, handling all client and customer interactions. Our customer service team is local, and our customer service centre is equipped with integrated systems for monitoring call response metrics, ensuring that our team address queries efficiently and promptly.


We have invested in multi-communication platform software, which underscores our unwavering commitment to responsive and effective customer engagement. It highlights our dedication to sustainability, technological innovation, and optimisation.

By embracing a holistic approach and unparalleled customer service with data-driven insights and technical expertise, Hirotec is shaping a future where buildings are cost-efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly.

HiViz – Customer Portal

As a customer of Hirotec, you are able to access an extensive range of real time,critical operational and compliance information online through our HiViz customer portal.

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