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At Hirotec, our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver top-tier electrical services that seamlessly integrate with our mechanical and fire offerings. We firmly believe in following a clear process, which is why we provide comprehensive solutions for lighting systems, communication systems, management and control, switchboards, and building automation.

We base our approach on a profound understanding of electrical systems and a passion for innovation. We are dedicated to improving buildings’ functionality, efficiency, and safety.

BMS Building Management System


Holistic Integration & Diverse Capabilities

Our electrical services are an integral part of our approach. Combining our expertise in mechanical, fire, and electrical domains creates a balance to deliver the comprehensive solutions every building needs. This approach ensures optimal electrical system function and seamless interactions with other crucial building components.


Our electrical capabilities encompass a wide spectrum of functions, catering to the varied needs of any building management system (BMS) with an eye on reducing operational costs. We can provide a range of power supply voltage installations, complete with all requirements. Our expertise extends to designing, installing, and maintaining switchboards.


We also design, install, and maintain metering systems to ensure efficient power distribution throughout the building. We put monitors and controls in place, and work with your facilities manager to provide seamless BMS systems.


Safety First & Reliable Power Solutions

At Hirotec, we take safety seriously. Our lighting control solutions shield residential and commercial buildings and buildings users from potential damage caused by lighting strikes. Our expertise in RCD and appliance testing and tagging ensures uninterruptible power supply, reducing the risk of hazards and ensuring safety compliance.


Lighting isn’t just about functionality, it’s also an essential element of ambience and aesthetics. We meticulously design our lighting systems to create energy-efficient, visually appealing spaces. We specialise in lighting control systems that provide precise building control over illumination to enhance user comfort while optimising energy usage.


We understand how critical power availability is, and we excel in delivering energy efficiently. We take steps to safeguard against disruptions to electricity systems that impact operations, and that extends to power factor correction systems to enhance your efficiency to reduce energy wastage.

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Sustainable Power & Efficiency Through Management

With a keen eye on sustainability, we are at the forefront of distributed resources. Our proficiency in solar and battery energy storage systems empowers building management systems to harness renewable energy while reducing their carbon footprint. We can also provide monitoring solutions to allow for real-time energy usage tracking.


Our commitment to efficiency extends far beyond individual functions or components. We specialise in energy management systems that provide comprehensive control and monitoring and optimisation of energy consumption. Coupled with our experience in building energy management system (BEMS), Hirotec provides a unique advantage in fine-tuning building operations for maximum efficiency.

Why Choose Hirotec for Building Management Systems

The benefits go beyond boundaries with cost savings and energy efficiency near the top, but don’t discount enhanced productivity, scalability, future-proofing, and occupant comfort.

Systems Integration

We provide a range of specific BMS controls for providing building energy services.


•  LV, MV, and HV Installations – we cover a broad spectrum of power requirements.


•  Switchboards and Metering – for efficient distribution and measurement of electrical power.


•  Standby and Uninterruptible Power- ensuring continuous operation when faced with outages.


•  Lighting Protection – safeguarding against potential risks.


•  RCD and Appliance Testing and Tagging – to ensure electrical safety and asset compliance.


•  Distributed Energy Resources – harnessing renewable energy for sustainability.


•  Meters and Monitoring Solutions – to track energy usage in real-time.


•  Chillers and Refrigerator Systems – if you’re in the food and beverage industry, we keep you safe and compliant.


Buildings Systems

•  Power Factor Correction Systems – to enhance efficiency.


•  Lighting and Power Systems – to create well-lit functional spaces.


•  Lighting Control Systems – to provide precise control over lighting levels.


•  Solar and Battery Storage Systems – harnessing green energy solutions.


•  Energy Management System – optimising energy consumption for efficiency.


•  HVAC BMS – providing HVAC system support for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


Building Automation System (BAS)

•  Wireless network support


•  Building automation and control


•  Fire alarms


•  Security systems


•  Access control


•  Automation solutions


•  Communications protocols


•  Hot water systems


•  Air quality and air flow


•  Lighting and Power Systems – to create well-lit functional spaces.

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Partnering with Experts

HVAC Control is an critical part of automation and control building solutions. It’s a key part of the building audit and it’s part of creating intelligent, responsive, and energy-efficient spaces. With climate change and sustainability in mind, proper HVAC is essential and the right building management system will orchestrate these systems and adjust parameters based on time, weather, occupancy, and more. Lighting management is a necessary process control and ideal for automation systems. We can hand you precise control over intensity and timing, and reduce your energy waste.


Whether you manage a small, large or medium building, the more automation and control systems you have in place, the more efficiently it will operate. You can join the partner portal to raise issues, whether it’s electrical or otherwise. We can help you with energy and buildings queries. Enter your building information and let our team do the rest.

Our electrical services are foundational to our dedication to integration, innovation, and excellence. By blending our expertise seamlessly across various domains, we empower building operators to embrace building information modelling to optimise energy savings and information systems.


We don’t just deliver the industry standard; we can help you take control of building automation and control, whether you’re investing in smart buildings or looking into building automation systems.

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