Essential Fire Safety & Maintenance Services


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The significance of essential fire safety and maintenance services in building management and public safety cannot be overstated. A strong fire safety framework is the cornerstone of any secure and compliant structure. It’s not just about having fire detection and suppression systems in place; it’s about a combination of preventative measures, inspections, and timely interventions. In a world where emergencies can strike at any moment, the role of these services is a necessity.

Hirotec’s commitment to Fire and Essential Services revolves around providing comprehensive solutions for fire detection, suppression, and compliance needs. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and top-notch service, Hirotec offers a wide array of integrated fire services to ensure the safety of buildings and occupants.

Essential Fire Services


Fire Detection & Monitoring

Hirotec covers all aspects of essential fire safety, detection and monitoring, starting from designing and installing fire detection and suppression systems. Utilising the latest technologies, their services extend to ensuring ease of inspection, testing, maintenance, and annual certificate of compliance.


Fire Engineering Design

Hirotec provides full fire engineering design and advisory services to support developing, installing, and maintaining performance-engineered fire solutions. This involves creating customised fire safety plans for essential safety measures and systems tailored to the specific needs of different environments.

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Range of Fire Capabilities

Our extensive fire capabilities include a variety of fire safety systems and fire equipment to ensure comprehensive fire protection. These capabilities encompass:

•  Fire Sprinkler Systems – Installation and maintenance of fire sprinklers for rapid fire response.


•  Fire Extinguishers – Placement of extinguishers and fire blankets at strategic points and regular fire extinguisher testing.


•  Fire Hydrants and Fire Hose Reels – Installation of fire hydrants and fire hoses for manual fire suppression. Ensuring that fire hose reel testing and statutory fire hydrant maintenance are carried out.


•  Gas Suppression and Deluge Systems – Implementation of specialised gas-based fire suppression systems.


•  Thermal and Smoke Detection Systems – Installation and maintenance of smoke alarms and systems that detect abnormal heat and smoke patterns.


•  Emergency Warning and Intercommunications Systems (EWIS) – Setting up warning systems for clear emergency communication and evacuation procedures for emergency response action planning.

•  Emergency and Exit Lights – Installation of emergency lights and traditional lighting for safe evacuation during emergencies, including light testing and exit signs.


•  Alarm and Evacuation Systems – Integration of fire alarms and systems for efficient evacuation coordination.


•  Fire Doors and Passive Systems – Ensuring the functionality of fire-resistant doors, smoke doors, and passive fire protection measures.


•  Data Room Specialisation – Implementation of essential fire safety measures and solutions specific to data storage and management facilities.


•  Annual Safety Survey and Certification – Conducting annual essential safety measures, including safety inspections, surveys, and assessments to maintain fire safety compliance and fire safety certificates.

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Essential Fire Safety Services – Fire Services Compliance

Hirotec’s Fire Compliance Team is fully qualified in accordance with Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) standards. This ensures that the fire protection systems are designed, installed, and maintained to meet the latest safety requirements in Australia.

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Construction Commission and Compliance

With accreditations from bodies like the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, Hirotec is equipped to provide expert advice on completing and submitting necessary documents for fire safety compliance. This includes Annual Fire Safety Statements and Occupier’s Statements. The accredited Fire Compliance Team assists customers in aligning installed fire systems with the National Construction Codes of Australia and local council building regulations.


Our approach to Fire and Essential Services revolves around fire safety solutions, cutting-edge technology, compliance with industry standards, and a dedicated team of experts to ensure that buildings and facilities are well-prepared to handle fire-related emergencies. Fire prevention takes a lot of work, from building insurance and water efficiency to fire training and planning and building essential service maintenance.

Fire Maintenance Services

In addition to building codes and Australian standards about fire safety, you need a robust waste and recycling plan. Illegal dumping and proper waste disposal are important to community safety, building occupant safety, the building code of Australia, and overall fire and safety measures.


If the emergency paths of travel are cluttered with improperly dumped waste, it puts everyone in danger. The same is true if safety equipment is unreachable due to a cluttered workspace. As an industry leader, Hirotec’s surveys and inspections can help you avoid infringement notices and keep building activity safe and legal.

Essential fire safety and maintenance services epitomise proactive caution where preparation and diligence are the barriers against potential catastrophes. It’s a commitment to safeguarding lives, protecting investments, and upholding the integrity of buildings.


Through meticulous design, vigilant maintenance, and unwavering compliance, fire safety is part of responsible ownership and collective well-being. Hirotec can help with bushfire protection, water systems, automatic fire occupancy warning systems, fire panel, planning control, and so much more.

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