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In commercial infrastructure, mechanical services play a pivotal role in ensuring the comfort of occupants and optimising the efficiency and sustainability of operations. At the forefront of innovation, Hirotec’s Mechanical Services business stands out by offering tailored solutions encompassing Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Hydraulic systems.

Our ongoing commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and repairs, and management approach.

HVAC Services

In the vast and diverse landscape of Australia, where climates range from tropical to temperate and arid, the role of Commercial HVAC systems is indispensable. These systems go beyond mere luxury; they are the unsung heroes – HVAC provides indoor comfort, air quality, and can improve energy efficiency.


Any company with mechanical ventilation air conditioning systems needs HVAC systems installation repairs assistance from professionals. You have HVAC support on your doorstep, with Hirotec ready to provide you with air conditioning heating and HVAC supply for ultimate climate control.


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Hirotec’s Mechanical Services offer complete and bespoke solutions that cater to a diverse range of requirements. At the heart of our services lies the proficient management of HVAC systems – a critical component in maintaining a conducive indoor environment.

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•  Air Handling and Distribution Systems – Ensuring that fresh, clean air circulates seamlessly throughout a space, fostering a healthy and comfortable environment for occupants.


•  Chiller Systems – From conventional to cutting-edge magnetic systems, Hirotec’s expertise covers all chiller installation and operation aspects, contributing to efficient temperature regulation.


•  Clean Rooms and Laboratories – Specialised spaces demand air quality and temperature control precision. Hirotec’s solutions cater to the stringent demands of clean rooms and laboratories.


•  Precise Temperature and Humidity Control (CRAC) – In environments where temperature and humidity control are paramount, such as data centres, Hirotec’s solutions ensure that delicate equipment operates optimally.


•  Refrigeration Systems – From cold storage to commercial refrigeration, Hirotec’s offerings ensure the preservation of perishables and the efficiency of refrigeration systems.

•  Extraction Systems – Effective removal of dust, gas, and smoke is essential for both occupant health and compliance. Hirotec’s systems guarantee optimal air quality.


•  Cooling Towers and Water Reticulation Systems – Efficient cooling is essential for various industrial processes. Hirotec’s solutions encompass cooling towers and water reticulation systems to facilitate this.


•  Co-Generation and Reticulation Systems – In the pursuit of sustainability, Hirotec’s expertise extends to co-generation and energy reticulation, enhancing energy efficiency.


•  Specialist Filtration and Odour Control Systems – Certain environments demand specialised filtration and odour control. Hirotec’s solutions create spaces that are both functional and pleasant.


•  Building Automation and Control – Automation lies at the heart of modern building management. Hirotec integrates sophisticated control systems to optimise performance and reduce energy consumption.


Optimal Outcomes

What sets us apart is our unwavering approach to the total lifecycle. From inception to completion and beyond, Hirotec ensures optimal outcomes in comfort, equipment reliability, regulatory compliance, and cost efficiency.

Design and Construction

Hirotec’s solutions are born from meticulous planning and innovative design. Each system is tailored to the client’s specific needs, taking into account the intricacies of the space and the demands of its occupants.


Commissioning and Maintenance

The journey doesn’t end with installation. Hirotec’s dedication extends to commissioning – verifying that systems operate as intended. Beyond this, our preventative maintenance and ongoing maintenance ensure that the system installed continues to perform optimally, minimising downtime and disruptions.


We are happy to work with individual clients to create maintenance plans that suit the building and industry.

Total Cost of Ownership

Our services go beyond immediate gains, and factor in long-term benefits. By considering the Total Cost of Ownership, we ensure that our solutions contribute to sustainable operations and cost savings throughout the lifecycle of the systems.


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Commercial Industrial Heating Ventilation and Air HVAC Companies

Every facilities manager knows the importance of safety and environmental factors. Whether you need help with new HVAC designs, have HVAC projects on the horizon or have air conditioning installations due, Hirotec can help. We offer a wide range of HVAC solutions and services and commercial refrigeration.


Whether you are thinking about investing in split systems air conditioning or commercial air conditioning ducted systems, we can help. We also carry out air conditioning repair, design, supply, installation of air conditioners and regular maintenance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of commercial infrastructure, mechanical services are the key component that make spaces habitable, operations efficient, and sustainability attainable. Hirotec’s Mechanical Services business exemplifies this crucial role by providing tailored solutions that span the entire spectrum of mechanical needs.


From precise temperature control to energy-efficient systems, our comprehensive approach underscores our dedication to crafting environments that balance comfort, efficiency, and sustainability – a testament to our commitment to shaping the future of mechanical services.

Our other areas of expertise

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Hirotec offers full fire engineering design and advisory services to develop and support the installation and maintenance of performance engineered fire solutions

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