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In the intricate landscape of facilities management, a robust compliance framework is paramount to ensure seamless operations, regulatory adherence, and responsible management. Hirotec introduced HiViz, an integrated technology platform that revolutionises how facility data is harnessed for decision making.

This comprehensive framework incorporates sophisticated asset data management, compliance tracking, service request management, maintenance planning, reactive maintenance, project tracking, and contractor management, all presented through advanced reporting systems.

Facilities Management Statutory Compliance

HiViz is representative of a paradigm shift in facilities management software and facilities management compliance and how we manage and utilise information. It collects diverse data streams to offer a sophisticated platform to empower decision-makers.


This management software solution integrates asset management data, inspection results, compliance tracking, compliance issues, service requests, maintenance planning, project updates, and contractor management. The result is an overview that aids decision-making, regulatory compliance, and operational optimisation.



To ensure compliance, Hirotec provides the HiViz reporting system to conform to Australian Standards, with the minimum standards of AS1851:2012 compliance requirements as the baseline. Our accuracy and thoroughness exceed these standards, and every test is printed on long-life thermal paper and left on-site for a visible paper trail, demonstrating compliance.



HiViz can also provide you with facility portfolio insights with a one-page view. From maintenance and testing results to annual survey and condition reports, defect and quote management, job status, building compliance, and even on-the-go service request creation from any mobile device. This facility maintenance software and management solutions are crucial for decision-making and makes important data actionable and accessible.



Turning raw data into actionable insights is one of the core missions of HiViz. Hirotec has developed an analytical report that provides a management system and a comprehensive snapshot of key business areas. The Facilities Services Report covers invoicing, compliance and maintenance, predictive analytics, reactive and corrective works, and strategic recommendations. It provides you with valuable insights into your facilities’ compliance and compliance management.

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Compliance in Facilities Management Teams


Maintenance Planning

Our approach to maintenance planning is structured to optimise operations and regulatory compliance. Without laws and regulations in mind, it puts you at contractual risks and interrupts maintenance management.


Transition methodology, HSEQ plan development, maintenance strategy formulation, asset data methodology, inductions, training, and reporting setup are established.


Work tasks are dispatched to field technicians and subcontractors using Hirotec Connect or mobile field technology. Detailed tasking, defect data, and asset conditions are recorded.

Check Pulse

Asset data collection, defects, and job completion are reviewed via HiViz and the FSR to ensure comprehensive data availability.


The asset portfolio is reviewed to determine life cycle capital budgets, refine maintenance strategies, compliance audits, and defect correction strategies.


Opportunities for advanced analytics technologies, such as HiroLytics, are explored to enhance maintenance, compliance, comfort conditions (air conditioning and heating), energy efficiency, fire safety, physical security, water performance, indoor air quality, outdoor plant noise, health and safety, and reliability.


Transparency and Accountability

Reporting bridges the gap between compliance efforts and legal documents that show compliance. Detailed reporting is an important piece in the facilities compliance landscape. It isn’t a simple case of recording actions; it’s about transparency, accountability and demonstrating a commitment to due diligence, and Hirotec’s resource centre helps you ensure just that, no matter the type of facility you operate.

You can capture the journey you have taken to compliance by keeping records of documents, complete with audits and assessments, corrective actions and ongoing adherence.


This approach to property maintenance provides you with a legal shield in case of an audit or legal inquiry. A robust reporting service is evidence of the steps you have taken. It also ensures data protection.

Reporting also provides performance analysis to highlight strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Most importantly, it is a key indicator in strategic decision-making.


What better way to instil confidence in stakeholders, whether it’s regulatory bodies, occupants or investors?

Facility Compliance Services

Navigating the complex landscape of regulations requires expertise and precision. Facilities Compliance Services is the strategic partner you need to ensure adherence to these standards. These services go beyond checkboxes, they are a proactive guardian of compliance and operational integrity.


Hirotec can make a difference to your building operations and compliance services with comprehensive audits that meticulously inspect facilities to identify potential risks and areas of non-compliance. This approach serves as the foundation for targeted interventions. We understand that every facility is unique, so every facility’s compliance needs are, too. We design our services based on the specific regulations relevant to the type of facility, location, and industry.

Image of team members

Image of team members

Compliance is an ongoing commitment, and we establish processes and protocols to ensure your daily operations meet that commitment, with everything from safety procedures to documentation practices.


Facilities compliance services and reporting aren’t individual efforts; they are threaded throughout every part of responsible facility management. By partnering with professionals who understand the nuances of compliance and embracing transparent reporting practices, you ensure you meet every legal mandate.

HiViz – Customer Portal

As a customer of Hirotec, you are able to access an extensive range of real time,critical operational and compliance information online through our HiViz customer portal.

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