Victoria University Hirolytics Install

March 24, 2021

A large multi-campus Victorian client had experienced a fire services diesel fuel pump failure where the pump was called to start on a weekend due to a fault in the system. The nature of the fault did not call the fire brigade and as a result, no one knew the pump was in operation. As there was no means of identifying the pump was operating all diesel fuel reserves held in the pumps tanks the pump completely depleted. This resulted in a significant failure of the pump and a replacement be installed – a several thousand-dollar exercise.

The client looked at several options, including running a signal to the BMS which was an extremely costly exercise due to the location of the pump.

Hirotec was able to install our wireless HiroLytics solution incorporating a fuel level sensor in the pumps tank. Trigger alarms via SMS and Email were set at 75% full mark (per AS1851:2012) and a second alert trigger at 50% full.

Additionally, both the client and Hirotec can remotely monitor fuel level via a web-based dashboard identifying any fuel depletion spikes which may warrant further investigation.


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