HiViz Customer Portal

It's all about giving you the building services and facilities management information you need - energy, maintenance, condition, history, compliance - everything you need to know easily accessible through Hirotec's customer portal... HiViz.

Through HiViz, Hirotec gives you access to all the information, statistics and support you need to effectively and confidently manage your building technical services allowing you to dive deeper into your data than you ever imagined possible.

What is HiViz?

Providing a highly visual view of your building compliance and asset management information with the ability to “deep dive” through to detailed asset level analysis, the HiViz portal provides access to real time operational and compliance information. The HiViz customer portal has been designed to support the needs of our mobile customer base, connecting them to their asset information and optimised for use on any operating system or computing hardware. HiViz provides Hirotec customer's insight from behind a desk or in the field, anytime, anywhere.

Complete technical services detail across your entire building asset portfolio

Gain insight into the status of equipment across your entire building portfolio with drill-down capabilities on individual asset detail, including:

  • Accessing maintenance and testing results
  • Defect and quote management
  • Check on job status
  • Up-to-date compliance reporting
  • Raising service requests and approve quotations ‘on the go'

The Hirotec HiViz customer portal seamlessly delivering innovative technical services information

HiViz works seamlessly for any service on any device. Whether reviewing activities or downloading service reports, compliance documents, you won't find a more seamless solution.


Dashboard Views

Hirotec's HiViz customer portal provides customers with complete technical services data transparency via easy-to-read dashboard views that give immediate insight into operational compliance and expenditure. Customers can search by asset, service stream, individual building or building portfolios with the click of a button – thereby allowing them to ‘manage by exception' and focus on critical issues, confident that the ‘detail' is being managed and delivered by Hirotec.


Mobile 'Point and Prove' Functionality

The system's innovative mobile 'Point and Prove' functionality allows users to scan the unique bar code on an asset and view maintenance status, defects raised, test dates and more – all from their own smart phone. Building and facility managers are no longer tied to a desktop computer to see what is happening with their asset portfolio – this information is now available anywhere.


Compliance Document Repository

The Hirotec HiViz customer portal also contains a secure ‘document repository' that provides an online storage facility for all critical documentation. Maintenance and testing reports, certificates, condition reports, maintenance plans, energy plans, drawings or any other file that is critical to the management and operation of your facility can be stored on HiViz.

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