Gordon McCafferty receives the 2011 Rocco Sicari award

17 Apr 2012


At the end of each calendar year, one Hirotec employee receives the Rocco Sicari Award. “…The Rocco Sicari award honours Hirotec’s family history and supports the organisations cultural vision for the future…” said Hirotec Executive Director, Paul Sicari. “…The Award acknowledges the hard work and dedication of an individual within Hirotec. An individual that espouses the organisations values and imparts a positive influence in everything they do and on each and every person with whom they interact…” Mr Sicari said.

The 2011 award was presented to Mr. Gordon McCafferty of Hirotec’s Melbourne branch office by Hirotec’s Mr. Andrew Douglas, General Manager Operations – see picture.

“Each and every employee of Hirotec is eligible to receive the Award…” said Mr. Douglas. “The Rocco Sicari Award is closely aligned to Hirotec’s culture of RESPECT, PASSION & LOYALTY. Great work Gordon…”

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