Health, Safety, Energy and Quality performance data is collected, analysed and reported to monitor and evaluate ongoing HSEQ performance and drive continual improvement.

Performance Requirements

Routine HSEQ performance is regularly measured, monitored, recorded and analysed with results reported to internal and external stakeholders as appropriate.

The reported data is collated and analysed, as appropriate, and reported to personnel who have the responsibility to take action on the basis of this information. Reporting of consolidated data shall be carried out at Site level, Business Unit level and for the whole of Hirotec.

Corporate HSEQ provide HSEQ reporting requirements and processes and maintain a database containing what is required for both internal performance evaluation and external reports. Business units measure and report HSEQ performance data on a monthly basis or more frequently if appropriate (e.g. for Significant Incidents) as per Hirotec‘s requirements.

Prevalence and incidence of work-related injury and illness is recorded, assessed and reviewed using data available from all sources including medical surveillance programmes and incident related medical treatment.

Corporate HSEQ periodically aggregate and analyse HSEQ performance data for all Hirotec businesses and provide feedback and advice to the businesses on initiatives to drive improvement in HSEQ performance.

Systems are established to ensure the appropriate reporting of HSEQ performance to relevant authorities and/or other stakeholders, as required by legislation or company voluntary commitments.

Relevant HSEQ performance information is routinely communicated by Hirotec management to all Employees.


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