Hirotec values the wellbeing of its employees, contractors, customers, the communities in which it operates and the environment. It is committed to responsible management practices that minimise any adverse health, safety or environmental impacts arising from its activities, products or services.

The Hirotec HSEQ Management System is hierarchical. Requirements at any level must meet and support the requirements at higher levels.

  • The HSEQ Policy: There is a single HSEQ policy, issued by corporate, approved by the Board and signed by a representative of the Board of Directors. It establishes a framework for common HSEQ practices and expectations across all levels of the company.
  • The HSE Management Principles: Approved by Operational Teams – interpret, support and detail the requirements of the company’s HSEQ Policy and form the basis for the development and application of HSEQ Plans at all levels in the company.

The Hirotec HSEQ Policy and the HSEQ Management Principles are mandatory and are to be applied to all company controlled Sites and Activities.

  • Protocols: Mandatory company-wide Instructions for broad HSEQ Management areas, where it is important that Activities are carried out consistently across the company (e.g. HSEQ Performance Measurement and Reporting Protocol). Protocols are exclusively issued by Corporate.
  • Company-wide Procedures: Mandatory company-wide Instructions for specific HSEQ topics, (usually a subset of Protocols e.g. Incident Management Procedure).
  • Company-wide Guidelines: Company-wide guidance for effective implementation of the HSEQ standards in areas or for topics where specific details of compliance are more efficiently developed by the Business Units or Sites.


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