Hirotec’s Fire Services business spans all fire detection and fire protection systems within commercial properties.

Our services range from the design and installation of fire detection and  fire suppression systems to the utilisation of the latest technology available including Hirotec’s HiViz™ Client Portal and Customer Smartphone App to ensure ease of inspection, testing, maintenance and annual survey compliance.

Hirotec’s experienced team of fire experts have worked on all facets of fire services equipment and systems throughout Australia. Using this experience Hirotec can undertake risk assessments and design and install tailor-made fire protection solutions to meet any requirement, offering clients a professional solution that will protect their staff, occupants and investments well into the future.

Hirotec focuses on the performance of our clients’ fire detection and fire protection systems, providing advice on compliance, efficiency and refurbishment options.

We ensure our clients are up to date with their fire systems performance now and in the future. The Hirotec Fire Services team works with clients to ensure compliance within the ever changing world of Australian and International Standards, as well as Building Code of Australia requirements.

Fire Services Advantage

The Hirotec Fire Services Advantage

Hirotec Fire Services also draws on the experience of its HVAC and electrical maintenance divisions to deliver complete and comprehensive fire detection and fire protection solutions for its clients.

This has particular relevance and advantages in highly integrated systems that feature high interdependence between BMS, fire alarm, smoke management and occupant evacuations systems to achieve the required fire safety outcomes 

The complete solution

Our experienced in-house team is proficient in the design, installation, commissioning, inspection, testing, maintenance and survey of fire detection and fire protection systems, with a comprehensive service offering that includes:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Hydrants and hose reels
  • Gas suppression and deluge systems
  • Thermal and smoke detection systems
  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunications Systems (EWIS)
  • Emergency and exit lights
  • Alarm and evacuation systems
  • Aspiration equipment
  • Hand held portable fire extinguishers equipment
  • Fire doors and passive systems
  • Coordination of emergency management training
  • Data room specialisation
  • Annual Safety Survey and Certification (AESMR)

HiViz Customer Portal

HiViz™ Customer Portal

Hirotec has taken our customer reporting and compliance to the next level with the new ‘HiViz™’ customer portal.

HiViz™ is Hirotec’s web-based customer information portal, connecting customers to important asset management information. Optimised for use on any operating system or computing hardware, HiViz™ provides Hirotec customer’s with access to real time operational and compliance information from any device, from behind a desk or in the field, anytime, anywhere.

Using the HiViz™ portal Hirotec customers can gain insight into the status of equipment across their entire building portfolio with drill-down capabilities on individual asset detail, including:

  • Maintenance and testing results
  • Defect and quote management
  • Job status
  • Compliance reporting
  • Raising service requests and approve quotations ‘on the go’

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Hirotec’s experienced team of fire experts have worked on all facets of fire services equipment and systems throughout Australia

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